PTHS Student Handbook 2020-2021


Tardiness To Class (Per Semester) Tardiness to class is unexcused unless students present, when they arrive, a hall pass that indicates that they were detained by another teacher. Nearly all tardiness is a result of failing to use the most direct route, walking or talking with friends, or attempting to take care of school or personal business rather than reporting to class on time. The five minute passing period is sufficient time to travel from one class to another. Students are not to return to a previous class or to the office for a hall pass. Consequences for unexcused tardiness are described below. 1st Tardy - Teacher records tardy - Warning 2nd Tardy - Teacher records tardy - One (1) room detention assigned. 3rd Tardy - Teacher records tardy - One (1) room detention assigned, and parents are contacted. 4th Tardy - Teacher records tardy - Teacher will refer the student to the administration who will assign One (1) detention, and parents are contacted. Students who exceed the stated number of tardies will be handled on an individual basis by the administration. HOME AND HOSPITAL INSTRUCTION A student who is absent or whose physician anticipates his or her absence from school for an extended period of time, or has ongoing intermittent absences because of a medical condition, may be eligible for instruction in the student’s home or hospital. A student who is unable to attend school because of pregnancy will be provided home instruction, correspondence courses, or other courses of instruction before the birth of the child when the student’s physician indicates, in writing, that she is medically unable to attend regular classroom instruction as well as for up to 3 months after the child’s birth or a miscarriage. For information on home or hospital instruction, contact the Guidance Office. ILLNESS AT SCHOOL Any student becoming ill during school is to report to the Health Center. A consent form must be on file with the Heath Clinic in order for a student to be seen. These forms are provided at registration, but extras are available in the main office or Health Center. Students must sign out in the main office before they leave school. Students who are ill will not be allowed to go home without parent permission. LATE ARRIVAL TO SCHOOL Students are required to sign in with the school receptionist when they arrive to school after the start of first hour. Students should be prepared to provide the receptionist with a note stating the reason for their late arrival. PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE PROCEDURE 1. The parent should call the school or have the student provide a written explanation to the office at least 5 school days prior to the absence. The student will be given a pre-arranged absence sheet to be signed by teachers. 2. A reason for the absence will be stated on the pre-arranged absence sheet. 3. The student is to obtain all homework assignments and have teachers’ signatures on the sheet. 4. The pre-arranged absence sheet will be returned to the main office prior to the absence. Failures to do so could result in the absence being unexcused. REPORTING AND CONFIRMING ABSENCE 1. Parents/guardians are to call the school every day of an absence. It is recommended that calls are made to the school prior to 9:30 a.m. If no contact is made by the parent/guardian, the school will attempt to call the parent/guardian to learn the reason for non-attendance. If it is necessary, the parents will be contacted at work. 2. Students whose absences are recorded as a NO CONTACT and the school has been unable to make a phone contact, must bring a written excuse from home when they return to school. Students who forget to bring a written excuse will be given one (1) day to submit a note or have their parents/guardians call the school. If parent/guardian confirmation is not received by 3:10 p.m. of the second day following the absence, the absence will be treated as an unexcused absence. The normal disciplinary action involving unexcused absences outlined in this handbook will then be followed.

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