PTHS Student Handbook 2020-2021


AUTHORITY FOR DECISIONS 1. Coaches may establish additional rules for their respective sports, including rules of conduct. These rules will be communicated verbally and in writing to the student-athletes and parents/guardians and will be on file in the Athletic Director’s office. 2. Final decisions will be made by the Athletic Director and Administration in all situations not specifically covered in the above training rules. ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION IN SCHOOL EVENTS For students to be eligible to compete or perform in an activity on that day, they must be in attendance no later than 11:15 a.m. Students will be allowed to participate in and attend any school activities on a non-school day following an absence if the absence was excused or was pre-arranged. EXCLUSION RIGHTS FOR REVIEW 1. A student athlete and parent have the right to request a review of the decision with the Athletic Director and Administration within 48 hours of the exclusion. 2. If unsatisfied with the first review, a student athlete and parents have a right to request a review with a Board appointed hearing officer no later than 48 hours after the decision. ALL SPORTS MEETING There will be a mandatory meeting of the coaches, players, parent(s)/guardian(s) prior to the beginning of the school year. At this meeting the Athletic Director will go over the Athletic Code, Random Drug Testing policy, and other athletic policies and procedures with parents and athletes. SCHOOL SPIRIT School spirit is defined as loyalty to the best traditions and ideals of the school and by an unwillingness to do anything that might prove injurious to the school’s name and character. A student who enters enthusiastically into school life has school spirit. Students should join as many clubs as they have time for, provided they are interested in them. Attending the activity and games as regularly as possible is another essential part of school spirit. The student full of school spirit will respect and uphold the school’s high ideals, and will leave the school a better place. It is the spirit that you put into things you do that helps make you a success. You, the students, must constantly strive to become representative ladies and gentlemen. Strive to keep your school’s name clean and when you leave school you can say, “I have done my best.” If you have, you are a credit to the school and to yourself.

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