PTHS Student Handbook 2020-2021


ASSISTANCE IN SCHOOL The following indicates the most frequent problems encountered by students and the place where help is obtained. HEALTH CENTER Illness Healthcare Information Medications Injury GUIDANCE Class Schedules Scholarship/Financial Aid College/Career Information Summer School Graduation Requirements Transcript Requests Personal/Class Concerns Transfer/Withdrawal Locker Combinations Review of Credits CAFETERIA Breakfast/Lunch waiver Account Deposits MAIN OFFICE Absenteeism Tardiness Change of Address/Phone # Truancy Locker Problems Theft Lost and Found Insurance ENTERING THE BUILDING All students must enter through the Commons doors. Doors will be opened at 7:30 am every morning. Please be advised students must properly wear a mask while entering the building. Prior to entering the building, students must allow for their temperature to be taken so school personnel (utilizing a no-touch thermometer) can certify each student does not have a fever. In addition, students must certify they do not have any COVID-19 symptoms. LEAVING THE BUILDING All students must exit the building when the dismissal bell sounds. Students will not be allowed to loiter inside the building or out in front of the Commons. This is being done so school personnel can begin to sanitize the school building and teachers can work with students who are learning remotely for the day. Students who violate this policy will be asked to leave. If the behavior continues, the student will be found insubordinate and may be required to change to full-time remote learning. FINES, FEES, and CHARGES; WAIVER OF STUDENT FEES The school establishes fees and charges to fund certain school activities. All students are expected to pay a registration fee, which is set annually by the Board of Education. Additional fee charges can be issued for classes requiring labs and/or workbooks. Some students may be unable to pay these fees. Students will not be denied educational services or academic credit due to the inability of their parent or guardian to pay fees or certain charges. Students whose parent or guardian is unable to afford student fees may receive a fee waiver. A fee waiver does not exempt a student from charges for lost and damaged books, netbooks, locks, materials, supplies, and/or equipment. Applications for fee waivers may be submitted by a parent or guardian of a student who has been assessed a fee. A student is eligible for a fee waiver if the student currently lives in a household that meets the income guidelines, with the same limits based on the household size, that are used for the federal free meals program. The building principal will give additional consideration where one or more of the following factors are present: • An illness in the family; • Unusual expenses such as fire, flood, storm damage, etc.;

• Seasonal employment; • Emergency situations; or • When one or more of the parents/guardians are involved in a work stoppage.

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