PTHS Student Handbook 2020-2021


Seizure of Property If a search produces evidence that the student has violated or is violating either the law or the school or district’s policies or rules, evidence may be seized and impounded by school authorities, and disciplinary action may be taken. When appropriate, evidence may be transferred to law enforcement authorities ACADEMIC LEARNING CENTERS Students who participate in school activities, who work in the afternoon or evenings, and many others have little time to study outside of school. Academic Learning Centers are provided, therefore, so that all students may make the most of their days at PTHS. In fairness to all, students will observe the following regulations: 1. Come to Academic Learning Center prepared. Come ready to study the entire period. 2. Remain in the same assigned seat each day. 3. Work during the entire period. Visiting, sleeping, or otherwise non-productive use of time will not be permitted. 4. Be seated and ready to work when the final bell rings. 5. Students should not leave their seat without permission. 6. Students are not allowed to speak with other students without first securing permission from the learning center supervisor. 7. Food and drink is prohibited without administrative approval for special events. 8. Leave the room in a neat and orderly manner. 9. Do not mark on the desks. FIELD TRIPS Field trips are a privilege for students. Students must abide by all school policies during transportation and during field trip activities, and shall treat all field trip locations as though they are school grounds. Failure to abide by school rules and/or location rules during a field trip may subject the student to discipline. All students who wish to attend a field trip must receive written permission from a parent or guardian with authority to give permission. 4. Denial of permission from administration; 5. Other reasons as determined by the school 6. Social Probation due to disciplinary or poor attendance OFFICE TELEPHONES The office phone will be available to students. Permission must be granted by office personnel prior to using this phone. Phone calls are to be made during the lunch hour. All other times require approval. TRESPASS All people entering the building are requested to report to the office immediately upon entering the building. Any individual who does not follow this procedure will be considered trespassing. Charges may be issued against any violator of this procedure. All visitors are asked to wear a visitor pass to acknowledge their approved visit. Teachers and other employees may request any person entering the high school or the grounds which are owned or leased by the Board and used for school purposes and activities to identify himself and the purpose of his entry. If the person refuses to provide proper identification they will be viewed as trespassing and the local police will be contacted. A person who enters the building or who is on school grounds without permission may be looked upon as trespassing. The police will be contacted and charges may be pursued. Trespass may also include school grounds during any time students are involved in a normal day of attendance. Students may be prohibited from attending field trips for any of the following reasons: 1. Failure to receive appropriate permission from parent/guardian or teacher; 2. Failure to complete appropriate coursework; 3. Behavioral or safety concerns;

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