PTHS Student Handbook 2020-2021



Illinois law requires that whoever has custody or control of any child between six (by September 1st) and seventeen years of age shall assure that the child attends school in the district in which he or she resides, during the entire time school is in session (unless the child has already graduated from high school). Illinois law also requires that whoever has custody or control of a child who is enrolled in the school, regardless of the child’s age, shall assure that the child attends school during the entire time school is in session. ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION IN SCHOOL EVENTS For students to be eligible to compete or perform in an activity on that day, they must be in attendance no later than 11:15 a.m. Students will be allowed to participate in and attend any school activities on a non-school day following an absence if the absence was excused or was pre-arranged. Students with special circumstances, other than illness, will be considered for participation only with prior administrative approval. EARLY DISMISSAL PROCEDURES Students who need to leave the building for a doctor, dental, court, or other valid appointment must call or present a written request from their parent/guardian to the main office before school or during a passing period. All requests for early dismissal must be approved by the administration. Once the request is approved the student will receive an Early Dismissal Pass to present to the teacher and the main office when it is time to leave the building. When leaving the building the student must sign-out in the main office. When returning to the building, the student must sign back in at the main office and may be asked to present a written statement verifying the appointment. EXCUSED ABSENCE/UNEXCUSED/TARDIES Students who are absent for a total of 10 or more days will be required to provide a doctor verification upon request to receive an excused absence, as determined by the administration. The note must be written by a doctor or a licensed medical practitioner. Failure to present this note will result in the absence being changed as an unexcused absence. A conference with the administration will then be conducted to determine the student’s future status. If the student continues to have excessive absences from school, the Livingston County Attendance Assistance Program caseworker will be notified with the potential for court proceedings including the Livingston County Truancy Review Board. Excused absences may be granted for the following reasons: 1. Illness 6. Attending a military honors funeral to sound TAPS 2. Death in the family 7. School-sponsored activity 3. Doctor and dental appointments 8. Religious holiday or event observance 4. Family emergency 9. Other: As approved by administration- including reasonable psychological concerns 5. Prearranged parent request

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