PTHS Student Handbook 2020-2021


Students who wish to use the Library during their study hall should report directly to the Library. Attendance will be taken and reported to the study hall supervisors. Students are expected to remain in the center for the entire period unless they have a signed pass from another teacher. Students are expected to follow the rules that are posted in the Library. Students who display inappropriate behavior will be removed and lose their sign in privileges as determined by the staff. Most books are loaned for two weeks. Magazines are for overnight use only. Checked out books and other materials should be returned to the Library. Students are responsible for returning their loaned materials on time to the Library. After an item is five days overdue, the automated circulation system will generate an overdue notice. A second notice is prepared when an item is ten days overdue. Items more than 15 days overdue are considered lost and a bill is generated. All overdue notices and bills are sent to the student’s school email address. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY: RULES AND REGULATIONS SELECTION METHOD Membership in the Pontiac Chapter of the National Honor Society is based upon scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The minimum cumulative grade point average for scholastic Eligibility is 3.500 on the 4.000 scale. Each scholastically eligible student will receive an activity information form to complete. It includes sections for co-curricular activities, leadership positions, community activities, work experience, and awards. The form is not an application and does not guarantee selection. Members of the faculty will receive copies of the descriptions of leadership, service, and character. They will give their recommendations as to which of the scholastically eligible students fulfill the criteria for the membership. The five members of the faculty committee will meet to go over the activity forms and the faculty recommendations. Students will be notified by letter of their selection into the Pontiac Chapter of the National Honor Society. They will be inducted at a formal induction ceremony in the Fall. NEW RESIDENT STUDENTS A student must reside with his/her natural parents or his/her legal guardian within the District’s boundaries in order to attend without a tuition charge, except as otherwise provided by State law. The administration may require proof of residence. In the case of legal guardianship, verification may be requested by school administrators. Entering freshmen and transfer students must provide a scholastic record from previous schools. These records will be accepted as correct in regard to student standing, birth date, and satisfactory completion of first eight grades-- unless reason for questioning of their validity arises. “Non-eighth grade graduates” will be accepted only in special cases, and such cases shall be reviewed and considered individually by the school administration. Each entering freshman will be required, in accordance with the state law, to submit a record of Illinois physical and immunization record upon entrance to school. Scholastic achievement requirements for entering students may be established by the Board of Education. NON-RESIDENT STUDENTS Non-resident students will not be accepted for enrollment unless recommended by the administration and approved by the Board of Education. Tuition shall be in accordance with the last calculated total cost per student in the district. PHYSICAL EDUCATION All students will either take Physical Education daily or present a doctor’s excuse to the office. If it is necessary that you be excused from participation in class for one day, you need to bring a statement from your parent and give it to your teacher. For more than one day, but not more than three days, you must bring a written statement from your doctor and give it to your teacher. For all medicals that are more than three days you must bring a note from your doctor (stating the specific reason and the length of time you will be unable to participate). A copy of the doctor’s note will be kept by your teacher.

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