PTHS Student Handbook 2020-2021


for the retake, a retake may not be allowed. In addition, there may be other instances evaluated on a case by case basis where a retake may not be allowed. Students should see the retake policy as an opportunity in the classroom rather than a right. Examples of what a student may be required to complete prior to being able to retake an assessment: Students that either choose to participate in a retake, or are encouraged due to poor performance, will have to complete additional learning. The teacher has the ability to adjust this policy based upon the individual needs of the student. Items that may need to be submitted in order to participate in the retake process may include: • Submission of a calendar detailing deadlines and future learning. • Evidence of up to 5 relearning activities including but not limited to: meeting with a tutor, meeting with a teacher, additional completed assignments from the text, etc… • Submission of a typed letter detailing the mistakes and errors in the student’s thinking and process on the first version. • The original version of the assessment with the signature of an adult in the household. • Other reasonable requests of the teacher. Students will be able to retake an assessment prior to the next scheduled assessment. Retakes will not be allowed the final week of the semester. The teacher reserves the right to consider adjustments on a case by case basis. DRIVER EDUCATION Classroom and behind-the-wheel training is available to those students who have reached the age of 15 years old. This course prepares the student for the acquisition of a driver’s license by providing safe driving instruction and driving experience. Parents or guardians will be able to reinforce the school’s instruction during time allowed for compliance to the state’s “Graduate to Safety 50 Hour Certification Sheet.” The course of instruction required of each student at the high school level shall consist of a minimum of 30 clock hours of classroom instruction taught by a certified high school teacher. Each driver education course is offered during a nine week period. Any student failing to comply with the 30 clock hours will have to repeat the course. Excessive absenteeism or extended illness could warrant the course being repeated. Also, an approved course in practice driving consisting of a minimum of 6 clock hours of individual behind-the-wheel instruction or its equivalent in a car shall be provided. Any student attending Pontiac Township High School who wishes to take Driver Education must meet the following criteria: 1. The student must receive a passing grade in at least eight courses during the previous two (2) semesters before enrolling in Driver Education, or in the case of drop outs, their last two semesters and must be fifteen years of age before they would be eligible to enroll in the Driver Education course in the normal high school sequence. 2. The definition of a course is any class at the high school for which a student receives one-half credit GPA per semester and that credit is on the official transcript. 3. If the eight (8) course restriction requires the evaluation of junior high grades, the grades must be from an official transcript or certification from the school. A student report card may not be used for verification. 4. If a student is home schooled, the individual responsible for the education of the student must certify that the courses being considered were passed successfully. This certification must be in writing and notarized, preferable at the District Office. All students meeting these criteria will be placed in classes first by their age (oldest to youngest) and second by the classroom space available. The Superintendent of schools may waive the eight (8) course requirement only when there are extreme financial, economic or personal circumstances warranting such a waiver. The superintendent will request high school administration, counseling department, and driver education teachers to review the circumstances surrounding the waiver request and submit a written request within five (5) school days of the receipt of the recommendation.

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