PTHS Student Handbook 2020-2021


PROGRESS AND GRADE REPORTS Progress and grade reports are available through Skyward. These reports are used to inform parents of both good and poor progress. Parents are encouraged to discuss their children’s progress with their student and his/her teachers. If you are unable to view the reports electronically, please contact the Guidance Office for a hard copy. GRADE POINT SYSTEM The grade points assigned to the letter grades for the purpose of computing grade point averages are as follows: A - 4 D - 1 B - 3 F - 0 C - 2 Incomplete grades are counted as 0 credit. Should the incomplete be made up later, the grade reflection, if any, will be only from the semester the course was completed. CLASS RANK Class rank will be determined based upon PTHS grade point average credit classes only. Senior students who meet high honor roll (3.75 or above) will be recognized at graduation. VALEDICTORIAN/SALUTATORIAN SELECTION (CLASSES 2019 – 2021) The student(s) with the highest GPA and the following will be selected as the Valedictorian(s): Math – 4yrs English – 4yrs Science – 3yrs Social Studies – 3yrs Have taken at least three AP courses, along with the AP tests The student(s) who has met the above criteria and has the second highest GPA would be considered the Salutatorian. GRADUATE OF DISTINCTION PROGRAM (CLASS 0F 2022 AND BEYOND) The Graduate of Distinction Program will recognize student accomplishments in the 4 Mission Pillars: Adaptive Learners, Global Thinkers, Responsible Citizens, and Collaboration across School Community. Under the Mission Pillars are the Categories: Academic Achievement, Attendance, Citizenship, Community Service, and Participation in Extra-curricular and Co-curricular activities. Students accumulate points as described on the attached rubric and must accumulate points in each of the five Categories. Students meeting the criteria will be recognized at graduation by receiving the Graduate of Distinction Medal. All respective documents and materials can be found on the PTHS website. COMMENCEMENT SPEAKER SELECTION (CLASS OF 2022 AND BEYOND) Students who have been designated as a “Graduate of Distinction” are welcome to submit a speech to the Main Office by May 5th of their graduation year. The speeches will be read by a panel made up of teachers (student names will be redacted for anonymity purposes). Once all entries have been read, the panel will deliberate and extend an invitation to the student(s) they have selected to speak at the graduation ceremony. SCHOLASTIC HONOR ROLL Pontiac Township High School recognizes all students who maintain a consistently high level of achievement in the subject matter field. This recognition is a published list of Honor Roll students in our community newspaper. Three honor rolls are designated for students who achieve high levels of academic excellence. The three honor rolls include: • Straight A Honors - attainment of A’s in all classes; • High Honors - attainment of 3.75-4.0 in all classes which count toward GPA; • Honors - attainment of 3.0-3.74 in all classes which count toward GPA. Students receiving a D or F in any course as a 9-week or semester grade do not qualify for Honor Roll designation for that grading period.

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