PTHS Curriculum Guide 2024-2025

ECOLOGY (612, 613) Class Level : 10, 11, 12 Credit : 1 Prerequisite : General Science

This course provides a general introduction to environmental science and areas associated with it. Emphasis is given to the areas of ecosystems, water conservation, air pollution, the atmosphere and climate, land usage, food shortage, biodiversity, energy conservation, renewable energy, waste treatment, and population growth.

PHYSICS (620, 621) Class Level: 11, 12 Credit: 1 Prerequisite: Biology, a ā€œCā€ in Algebra, Chemistry is recommended

Everything around you can be described and understood using the tools of physics. This course is designed to immerse learners in situations where they investigate forces, motion, vectors, light, electricity, sound, temperature, and pressure. Experiments will be conducted to provide essential practical experience. In this class, you will encounter a series of scenarios in which you will determine possible related factors, devise measurement methods, and collect data. You will also learn how to use a computer to graphically analyze the data and effectively describe the relationships you discover, utilizing various representations. Additionally, as part of your learning journey, you will have the opportunity to lead a student-led STEM research project. This project will allow you to explore and apply the principles you've learned in a real-world context. Subsequently, you will further explore how the relationships you've uncovered can be applied to a wide range of new situations.

CHEMISTRY (630, 631) Class Level: 10, 11, 12 Credit: 1 Prerequisite: Sophomore placement or ā€œCā€ or better in Biology

This introductory course deals with descriptive and theoretical chemistry involving topics such as matter, atomic structure, solids, liquids, crystals, gasses, chemical formulas, acids, bases, salts, equilibrium, chemical kinetics, oxidation-reduction, an introduction to organic chemistry, and problem solving using factor label method and electronic calculators.


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