Gideon the Black Moor Goldfish

Gideon the Black Moor Goldfish By: Kyah Brogan

Gideon was a goldfish. He lived in a pond. Gideon was often teased by the other fish in the pond because he wasn’t as colorful as they were. Gideon was a Black Moor Goldfish in a pond of kois.

Hey you bug eyed weirdo!

Gideon knew he was different from the other fish. But he didn’t know why it mattered, he was still a fish.

I’m still a fish like everyone else.


One day the other fish were picking on Gideon when another fish finally had enough. Kally the koi fish swam over to Gideon to confront his bullies.

Stop that!


“What is wrong with you?” she said angrily, “What has he ever done to you?” The other fish stopped picking on Gideon and turned their attention to Kally.

What’s wrong with you!


“Get out of the way we were just teasing him a little bit,” said the biggest koi fish. “What do you think gives you the right to bully someone for being different? He’s a fish too” Kally said in retaliation.


The big bully fish got closer to Kally trying to intimidate her. She didn’t move. He got even closer. She didn’t move. Once their faces were almost touching the bully stopped. “Let’s get out of here,” he said without breaking eye contact with Kally.

Let’s get out of here.


The bully and his school of other fish friends backed away and left Gideon alone. “Thank you,” said Gideon “But why did you help me when no one else would?” Kally responded “Because I was taught to respect other fish. Those guys have no respect at all.”

Thank you


Gideon asked with a confused look on his face “What are ways I can respect other fish?” Kally paused and thought about it then began to explain.


Well, listening to someone when they are speaking to you is a simple way to do it. You can also do things like encourage them when they need encouragement. Helping someone when they need help, and validating their feelings. But most importantly treat others the way you want to be treated.


From that day on Gideon and Kally were best friends and together they taught the other fish about respect and ways to show it.

Respect is…


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