Ways to Include All People with Nola the Turtle

Berry the Bear Loves Respect By:Logan McCabe

Berry the Bear was a lovely good bear Who loved to dance and jump in the air.

Berry the Bear goes out on a run He loved to run he loved it a ton

Berry the Bear climbs up a tree He climbs so high he could see the sea

Berry the Bear climbs down the tree Only to trip and fall on his knee

Berry the Bear was stuck in the hospital His knee was broken and was very brittle

Berry the Bear could no longer have fun His good fun days were all done

Berry the Bear was left out of games Some animals even called him mean names


Berry the Bear no longer had friends His fun and excitement no longer blends

One day Berry the Bear ran into a hare The hare offered Berry a pear

The hare said “No need to be sad, I’ll be your friend!” “We can be friends, friends to the end!”

Berry the Bear loved respect in every way Berry the Bear loves respects and does it every day!

The End

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