The CHIEF February 2023

Lily's Freshman Perspective By: Lily Fetgatter

Transitioning into Pontiac Township High School can have many stressful factors, such as having to expand your friend group and figure out what you want to continue in life after high school. As a freshman, I would highly recommend staying on top of your homework and doing what you need to do to get good grades and to minimize the amount of stress during the school year. By getting good grades, students will be able to do so much more after the school day like hanging out with friends or going on walks. If students stay on top of their homework, they will also not have to worry about being ineligible for events such as sporting events! Personally, sports are a big part of my life and they constantly keep me occupied. I have learned that I feel less stress when I am balancing my sports and schoolwork. So, take these tips into consideration as you continue having a great second semester!

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