PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

STUDENT-ATHLETE CONCUSSIONS AND HEAD INJURIES Student-athletes must comply with Illinois’ Youth Sports Concussion Safety Act and all protocols, policies and bylaws of the Illinois High School Association before being allowed to participate in any athletic activity, including practice or competition. A student who was removed from practice or competition because of a suspected concussion shall be allowed to return only after all statutory prerequisites are completed, including without limitation, the School District’s return-to-play and return-to-learn protocols. PRACTICE ATTENDANCE Participants must attend all practice sessions, unless excused by the coach prior to any absence. If a practice session is missed unexcused, the athlete will not participate in the next contest. All student-athletes shall observe the curfew hours as well as the hours set up by the coach of the sport he/she is engaged. Any reported violation of curfew hours will be handled by the Coach and Athletic Director. The nature of the conduct shall determine the consequences of the violation. Consequences can range from a verbal reprimand to removal from PTHS activity/athletic participation. AUTHORITY FOR DECISIONS 1. Coaches may establish additional rules for their respective sports, including rules of conduct. These rules will be communicated verbally and in writing to the student-athletes and parents/guardians and will be on file in the Athletic Director’s office. 2. Final decisions will be made by the Athletic Director and Administration in all situations not specifically covered in the above training rules. ATTENDANCE AND PARTICIPATION IN SCHOOL EVENTS For students to be eligible to compete or perform in an activity on that day, they must be in attendance no later than 11:15 a.m. Students will be allowed to participate in and attend any school activities on a non-school day following an absence if the absence was excused or was pre-arranged. SPECTATOR BUS Spectator buses to away games will be arranged by the Athletic Director. All fares for buses will be paid in advance to the main office. A student going to the game on a bus must return the same way. Chaperones will have complete control of seating arrangements and conduct of the students. The time of departure from PTHS will be announced. Buses will depart from the event immediately after its completion. CURFEW Curfew Hours: Sunday through Thursday--10 P.M. Friday and Saturday—11 P.M.

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