PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

DETERMINATION OF SUSPENSION LENGTH Only regular season contests will be counted when determining suspension length. In assessing the penalty, if the number of regular season contests comes to a decimal point less than 0.5, the penalty will be rounded down. If the number of contests comes to a decimal point that is equal to or more than 0.5, the penalty will be rounded up. This also applies to carryover suspensions. COMBINATION OF TRAINING RULES VIOLATIONS Any combination of training rules violations will at minimum result in student-athletes being removed from their current participating sport for the remainder of the season. CARRYOVER SUSPENSIONS A suspension may go beyond the season in which the infraction occurs. The percentage of suspension remaining must be completed during the next season of participation and the athlete must finish the season with the carryover suspension in good standing. For example, if a student athlete had completed one-half (1/2) of the suspension at the end of the current season, one-half (1/2) of the suspension will carry over to the next athletic season he/she participates. STUDENT-ATHLETE DUTY TO COOPERATE PTHS will follow due process procedures and will not suspend a student athlete without evidence that a training rules violation has occurred. The Student Athlete has a duty to cooperate in the investigation of any alleged violations of the Athletic/Activity Code by the school administration, including but not limited to coaches, Athletic Director, Assistant Principal, and Principal. This duty shall include answering honestly any questions about alleged violations of the Code. If the investigation concerns violations by the Student Athlete, if he or she refuses to answer any question or otherwise refuses to cooperate, it shall be presumed that he or she has committed the alleged violation(s) and he or she shall be subject to the appropriate consequence set forth in the Code for that violation. EXCLUSION RIGHTS FOR REVIEW 1. A student athlete and parent have the right to request a review of the decision with the Athletic Director and Administration within 48 hours of the exclusion. 2. If unsatisfied with the first review, a student athlete and parents have a right to request a review with a Board appointed hearing officer no later than 48 hours after the decision. MODIFICATION OF ATHLETIC OR TEAM UNIFORM Students may modify their athletic or team uniform for the purpose of modesty in clothing or attire that is in accordance with the requirements of the student’s religion or the student’s cultural values or modesty preferences. If the modification results in the damaging of the athletic or team uniform, the student may be financially held responsible for replacement.

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