PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

RANDOM DRUG TESTING All students who want to participate or try-out must sign the consent form for random drug testing before they will be allowed to participate in an IHSA activity. Students deciding to participate in an extracurricular activity after the sign-up deadline will be required to be tested after the signed consent form is returned. The cost of the test will be the responsibility of the student/athlete. MEDICAL/INSURANCE FORMS Completed physical, medical release and proof of insurance must be on file before a student will be allowed to try out or participate. SUPERVISED STUDY PROGRAM Students who receive two “D’s” or one failing grade (F) through their last contest will be required to attend three supervised study sessions each week until their grade/s have been raised. Sessions are held in the Library. Failure to comply will render the athlete ineligible until required sessions have been served. TRAVEL All athletes shall travel to athletic events and return home from athletic events with the team on which the athlete competes by use of school approved means of transportation. A written waiver of this rule may be issued by a coach or administrator upon advance written request of an athlete's parent or guardian and provided the parent or guardian appears and accepts custody of the athlete. In no case shall a waiver be issued unless the alternate means of transportation anticipated by the waiver will be provided by the parent. Any student athlete found to be in violation of this policy shall be subject to discipline in accordance with the school district's athletic discipline policies, rules and regulations as provided herein. ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS Eligibility reports shall be generated on Sundays by 2:00 p.m. Student athletes with two (2) F’s will be ineligible from Sunday to Sunday for weekly participation. In order to maintain eligibility for the following semester, a student athlete may not have received two (2) F’s the previous semester. Eligibility for most athletics is also governed by the rules of the Illinois High School Association and, if applicable, these rules will apply in addition to this Athletic Code. In case of a conflict between IHSA and this Athletic Code, the most stringent rule will be enforced. TRAINING RULES A1. The student athlete shall not smoke or chew tobacco or possess either (including natural and/or synthetic products). A2. The student athlete shall not drink or possess intoxicating beverages. A3. The student athlete shall not use or possess any illegal or controlled, non-prescribed drugs (including natural and/or synthetic look-a-like drugs). B. The student athlete shall not attend a function where alcohol or drugs is illegally served or present or transported. C. The student athlete shall not engage in gross misconduct or conduct which constitutes criminal activity.

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