PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

TRESPASS All people entering the building are required to immediately report to the main office. Any individual who does not follow this procedure will be considered trespassing. Charges may be issued against any violator of this procedure. All visitors are asked to wear a visitor pass to acknowledge their approved visit. Teachers and other employees may request any person entering the high school or the grounds which are owned or leased by the Board and used for school purposes and activities to identify himself and the purpose of his entry. If the person refuses to provide proper identification he/she will be viewed as trespassing and the local police will be contacted. A person who enters the building or who is on school grounds without permission may be looked upon as trespassing. The police will be contacted and charges may be pursued. Trespass may also include school grounds during any time students are involved in a normal day of attendance. SEX OFFENDER NOTIFICATION LAW State law prohibits a convicted child sex offender from being present on school property when children under the age of 18 are present, except for in the following circumstances as they relate to the individual’s child(ren): 1. To attend a conference at the school with school personnel to discuss the progress of their child. 2. To participate in a conference in which evaluation and placement decisions may be made with respect to their child’s special education services. 3. To attend conferences to discuss issues concerning their child, such as retention or promotion. 4. In all other cases, convicted child sex offenders are prohibited from being present on school property unless they obtain written permission from the superintendent or school board. 5. Anytime that a convicted child sex offender is present on school property for any reason – including the three reasons above – he/she is responsible for notifying the principal's office upon arrival on school property and upon departure from school property. It is the responsibility of the convicted child sex offender to remain under the direct supervision of a school official at all times he/she is in the presence or vicinity of children. 6. A violation of this law is a Class 4 felony. VIOLENT OFFENDER COMMUNITY NOTIFICATION State law requires that all school districts provide parents/guardians with information about sex offenders and violent offenders against youth. You may find the Illinois Sex Offender Registry on the Illinois State Police’s website at: You may find the Illinois Statewide Child Murderer and Violent Offender Against Youth Registry on the Illinois State Police’s website at:

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