PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

school grounds at the time the threat was made, and the threat could be reasonably interpreted as threatening to the safety and security of the threatened individual because of his or her duties or employment status or status as a student inside the school. Students who make an explicit threat will be handled on an individual basis by the administration. Consequences may range from verbal reprimand to expulsion. STUDENT LOCKERS Each year students may be assigned a different locker. Students having locker trouble are to come into the office and report the problem. Students will be held responsible for damages that occur to their locker during the school year. Student lockers are the property of the school. Lockers may be searched by school personnel or any designee acting as an agent of the school at any time, with or without the knowledge of the student. No sticker decals, writing, or items that are not school related are to be displayed on student lockers. You will be required to clean your locker if writing or sticker decals are found on it. You may use magnets to hang up pictures on the inside of your locker. Pictures in lockers cannot be immoral or indecent or advertise drugs and/or alcohol. It is your responsibility to keep your locker locked and your combination confidential. Students have no reasonable expectation for privacy in school-issued lockers. GYM BAGS/CARRYALLS/BOOK BAGS/PURSES (Per Year) No gym bags, carryalls, purses, and book bags will be permitted to be carried to class during school hours. Gym bags, carryalls, purses, and book bags may be brought to school and placed in the student’s locker before school and not retrieved until after the final bell. Students carrying bags, carryalls, and purses to class during normal school hours will be handled on an individual basis by the administration. SEARCHES In order to maintain order, safety, and security in the schools, school authorities are authorized to conduct reasonable searches of school property and equipment, as well as of students and their personal effects. “School authorities” includes school liaison police officers and administrators. School Property and Equipment as well as Personal Effects Left There by Students School authorities may inspect and search school property and equipment owned or controlled by the school (such as, lockers, desks, and parking lots), as well as personal effects left there by a student, without notice to or the consent of the student. Students have no reasonable expectation of privacy in these places or areas or in their personal effects left there. The building principal may request the assistance of law enforcement officials to conduct inspections and searches of lockers, desks, parking lots, and other school property and equipment for illegal drugs, weapons, or other illegal or dangerous substances or materials, including searches conducted through the use of specially trained dogs.

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