PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

An expulsion shall prohibit the student from attending school for the designated period assigned.

Expulsion hearings may be called for by the administration for but not limited to the following types of infractions: 1. Gross misconduct or misconduct for which suspension has not been an adequate remedy. 2. Any act that endangers the health and welfare of the staff or student population. 3. Repeated occurrences of inappropriate behavior. 4. Bomb threat PROCEDURES FOR REMOVAL FROM CLASS (Per Semester) 1. In the event a teacher feels it is necessary to remove a student from class, the student will be directed to the Assistant Principal’s or Principal’s office. A discipline referral form should be completed by the teacher indicating the reason for the dismissal and what attempts have been taken to correct the behavior, and this will be carried by the student when he/she reports to the office. 2. The office views student removal from class as a serious offense indicating that the teacher has utilized all means to improve behavior and is seeking Administrative assistance. 3. The following minimum procedures will be followed: FIRST VIOLATION : The student will be removed from the class for the remainder of the period and sent to the main office. Students sent to the office will be handled on an individual basis by the administration. Consequences may range from verbal reprimand to suspension from school. SECOND VIOLATION : The student will be removed from class for the remainder of the period and sent to the office. A conference will be scheduled with the parents, student, teacher, and the administration before the student will be allowed to return to the class. The student will remain out of class and under the supervision of the administration until the conference is held. It will be decided at this conference if and under what conditions the student will return to class. Further disciplinary action may also be discussed/applied. THIRD VIOLATION : If the student is removed from class for a third time, he/she may be withdrawn from the class with a WF (Withdrew Failing) and placed in a study hall. The parents will be notified, and they may request a conference to review the disciplinary action. If repeated occurrences of inappropriate behavior continue in other classes, the student will be referred to administration. Discipline will be assigned by the administration in accordance with the severity of the problem. Consequences may range from verbal reprimand to expulsion. DUE PROCESS - STUDENT RIGHTS To ensure that the student receives fair treatment consistent with the fundamental requirements of due process, student suspensions or recommendations for expulsion are made in accordance with the following procedures for out-of-school suspensions: 1. A student must be given the opportunity to present information on his/her own behalf prior to suspension. The suspension shall be reported immediately by phone to the parent or guardian of each suspended student and to the Board of Education through the Superintendent of Schools. The report to the parents shall be made by letter through the U.S. mail. A copy of this letter will be sufficient

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