PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

RE-ENGAGEMENT OF RETURNING STUDENTS The building principal or designee may meet with a student returning to school from an out-of-school suspension, expulsion or alternative school setting. The goal of this meeting shall be to support the student’s ability to be successful in school following a period of exclusion and shall include an opportunity for students who have been suspended to complete or make-up missed work for equivalent academic credit. In addition a behavioral, academic, and/or social emotional support plan may be created to assist in preventing future misconduct. SOCIAL PROBATION Any student that is under social probation may not attend or otherwise serve as a public representative of Pontiac Township High School in any extracurricular event. This includes but is not limited to games, dances (Homecoming/Winter Dance/Prom/etc.), performances, field trips, etc. The duration a student is on social probation shall be determined by the Administration. Students who knowingly violate the Social Probation policy may be disciplined under permitted measure for insubordination. The following may constitute a student being placed on social probation: ● Repeated truancy or tardiness from class: 3 or more unexcused absences = 7 calendar day probation ● Failing multiple classes - similar to athletic eligibility policy. ● Any act of prohibited student conduct, as listed in the student handbook, that results in a suspension see below ● Any public behavior that poorly represents Pontiac Township High School

In-School Suspension 3 - 5 calendar days of social probation from the start of the suspension

Out-of-School Suspension 1 - 2 day suspension = 7 calendar days of social probation from the start of the suspension 3 - 5 day suspension = 15 calendar days of social probation from the start of the suspension 6 + day suspension = 30 calendar days of social probation from the start of the suspension

Three (3) suspensions of any type will result in social probation for at least the remainder of the semester.

A Training Rule violation does not fall under this social probation policy and will be handled as a separate incident.

EXPULSION Expulsion shall take place only after the parents have been notified by certified mail to appear at a meeting of the Board of Education to discuss their child’s behavior. The Board, at such a meeting, shall state the reasons for dismissal and the date on which the expulsion is to become effective.

A pupil may be readmitted to school after expulsion only by official action of the Board of Education. Reinstatement shall occur only after a parental conference involving appropriate school personnel.

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