PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

Room detentions may be assigned for but not limited to the following types of infractions: 1. violation of classroom rules 2. tardiness to class after first hour 3. any behavior which, in the judgment of the teacher, interferes with instruction 4. inappropriate language

Failure to serve detentions will result in the following: 1st No-Show: The teacher will assign one additional detention to be served with the teacher and contact the parents/guardians. 2nd No-Show: Students who fail to serve second detentions will be referred to the administration. Consequences may range from detention to suspension from school. BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL DETENTIONS Students will be assigned detentions for inappropriate behavior. Whenever possible, students will be notified of a detention assignment in person by an administrator and notification will be provided to parents/guardians. Detentions will be held before or after school. Students will be expected to do school work or will read for the entire time they are assigned. If a student refuses to do the work or is disruptive, he/she will be asked to leave. Students who arrive late to detentions will not be admitted and any student who does not attend an assigned detention or is removed for any reason, will be referred to administration. Participation in a sporting event, work, or other extra-curricular activity is not an excuse to miss a detention. If a student has an excused absence the day of the assigned detention, or an essential doctor or dentist appointment, he/she must bring in a note and make arrangements with the appropriate administrator to move their detention to the following available detention date. LUNCH DETENTIONS Lunch detentions allow students to serve a detention during their lunch period. When assigned, the student can bring a sack lunch or go through the lunch line. SUSPENSIONS Suspensions will be assigned by the administration to students who have reached the extreme levels of the discipline plan or whose behavior has been grossly inappropriate. A student may not be allowed to attend school for a given period of time. Parents are notified when their son/daughter is suspended out of school. A parent conference may be requested before the student returns to school. Students who are suspended out of school may not participate in or attend any school-sponsored activities during the time of their suspension. This will include any practices or regularly scheduled events. In addition, students may be placed on social probation.

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