PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023


Section 5 is a listing and explanation of the various administrative consequences to be followed in disciplinary cases. However, consequences may be modified at the discretion of the administration, depending on the severity of the specific infraction. SCHOOL’S AUTHORITY Illinois School Code: Chapter 122, Section 24-24. Maintenance of Discipline. “Teachers and other certified educational employees shall maintain discipline in the schools, including school grounds which are owned or leased by the Board and used for school purposes and activities. In all matters relating to the discipline in and conduct of schools and the school children, they stand in the relation of parents and guardians to the pupils. This relationship shall extend to all activities connected with the pupils. This relationship shall extend to all activities connected with the school program and may be exercised at any time for the safety and supervision of the pupils in the absence of their parents or guardians. The Board may make and enforce reasonable rules of conduct and sportsmanship for athletic and co-curricular school events. Any person who violates such rules may be denied admission to school events for not more than one year, provided that a written 10 day notice of the violation is given to such person and a hearing held thereon by the Board pursuant to its rules and regulations. The administration of any school may file legal charges as agents of the school against persons committing any offense at school events. SCHOOL-WIDE CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE PLAN This plan allows every student to manage his or her behavior. We believe this plan will promote a good learning environment for academic and social success. We encourage all students to display appropriate behavior. If a student chooses to break a rule, the following consequences will be administered cumulatively on a daily basis. Step 1 - Warning for violation of handbook/classroom rules. Step 2 - Room Detention with the teacher. (10 minute maximum) Parents will be contacted by the teacher. Step 3 - Room Detention with the teacher. (30 minute maximum) Teacher must provide 24 hours notice. Parents will be contacted by the teacher. Step 4 - Severe Case - Sent to the office. Sent to the office after Steps 1, 2, 3 have failed. Student displayed gross misconduct. Violations will be handled on an individual basis by the administration. Consequences may range from verbal reprimand to expulsion. Nothing in this Section affects the powers of the Board to establish rules with respect to discipline.

If a student repeatedly exhibits inappropriate, disruptive or insubordinate behavior the teacher may skip any step on the plan, dropping down to more serious consequences.

By following the rules it allows our faculty to teach, thus creating a productive classroom environment.

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