PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIAL A student’s parent/guardian may inspect, upon their request, any instructional material used as part of their child’s educational curriculum within a reasonable time of their request. TUITION-FREE RESIDENCY The following qualifications must be met before a student may attend Pontiac Township High School on a tuition-free basis when his parents or legal guardians are not residents of the District: 1. That the student’s residence in the district is permanent. 2. That the student’s residence in the district be for reasons completely independent of his desire to attend school within the district (i.e., financial ward of the court). 3. That the individual’s standing in “loco parentis” execute a legally adopted agreement defining the circumstances to the school board.

WITHDRAWING STUDENT FROM SCHOOL 1. Conference with parent/guardian.

2. Conference with the counselor/sign withdrawal form. 3. Administrative conference/signature on withdrawal form. 4. Prior to withdrawal, all textbooks must be returned to Library personnel. Netbooks and other

school-issued equipment must be returned prior to withdrawal. 5. The student must remit all fees before withdrawal is finalized. 6. Copy of drop sheet made and given to the student. 7. Withdrawal form in cumulative folder for record and transfer purposes.

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