PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

Student Records Student Privacy Protections Tuition-Free Residency Withdrawing Student from School

Section 4 – Attendance Attendance Procedures and Definitions

Tardiness to School Tardiness to Class Early Dismissal Procedures Attendance and Participation in School Events Illness at School

Pre-arranged Absence Procedure School Work Make-up Procedures Home and Hospital Instruction

Section 5 – Behavior Expectations and Discipline Procedures School’s Authority School-wide Classroom Discipline Plan Prohibited Student Conduct When and Where Conduct Rules Apply Disciplinary Measures Room Detentions Before and After School Detentions Lunch Detentions Suspensions Re-engagement of Returning Students Social Probation Expulsion Procedures for Removal from Class Due Process - Student Rights Isolated Time Out, Time Out and Physical Restraint

Corporal Punishment Weapons Prohibition

Gang and Gang Activity Prohibition Discipline of Students with Disabilities Prevention of and Response to Bullying and Harassment Bullying Prevention and Response Plan Awareness of Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse, Grooming Behaviors, and Boundary Violations Suicide and Depressions Awareness and Prevention

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