PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

WITHDRAWING FROM A CLASS The following procedure for withdrawing a student from a class will be followed when all efforts have been exhausted to work out an agreeable solution to keep the student in the class: 1. A student requests permission to withdraw from a class through their assigned counselor. 2. Withdrawal must be approved by the administration. If the request is approved prior to the first or third quarterly progress reports the students' transcript will be marked "WX," indicating that the class was attempted but not completed. If the request to withdraw from a class is made after the first or third quarterly progress report the students' transcript will be marked, "WF," indicating a withdrawal with a failing grade. "WX" has no impact on a student’s GPA. "WF" will negatively impact the students GPA. If a student is unable to continue a course because of a medical problem or other extenuating circumstance, the student may request to withdraw from the class without any penalty (WX) with the approval of the administration and with the recommendation of a physician. Students may be dropped from a class with a WF, after parent contact has been made, if the student's behavior is interfering with teacher instruction and the learning of other students. Student property should be removed from lockers within 2 weeks of the student withdrawing from school. PROGRESS AND GRADE REPORTS Progress and grade reports are available through Skyward. These reports are used to inform parents of both good and poor progress. Parents are encouraged to discuss their children’s progress with their student and his/her teachers. If you are unable to view the reports electronically, please contact the Guidance Office for a hard copy. GRADE POINT SYSTEM The grade points assigned to the letter grades for the purpose of computing grade point averages are as follows:

A - 4 B - 3 C - 2 D - 1 F - 0

Incomplete grades are counted as 0 credit. Should the incomplete be made up later, the grade reflection, if any, will be only from the semester the course was completed.

CLASS RANK Class rank will be determined based upon PTHS grade point average credit classes only.

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