PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

Sophomore Grade Level Expectations

By the end of 10th grade, a PTHS sophomore will be able to show proficiency in the ability to:

Adaptive Learners : ●

Read, comprehend, and make inferences from texts. ● Develop active listening, aural, and visual skills. ● Use explanations and models to evaluate a solution. ● Collect, analyze, and interpret data. ● Practice test taking strategies on assessments.

Global Thinkers : ●

Research and use support in fully developed writings of approximately 2-3 pages. ● Communicate effectively through technical documents, verbal explanations, written reflections, or peer collaboration. ● Identify a problem and construct a solution to that problem using data. ● Understand connections between the various disciplines. Responsible Citizens : ● Engage in events and curriculum in the school community. ● Explore and understand ways to foster peer and self social and emotional growth. ● Plan, implement, and evaluate one’s participation in activities and organizations that improve school climate.

Sophomore Required Courses of Study




English I, English II, Rhet II


Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry


Concepts in Algebra, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra II/Trig.

Physical Education

Activities or Weights (¼), Driver Education (¼), Health (½), Band PE Waiver

Sophomore Electives



Social Studies

Illinois Studies (½), World Geography (½), AP US History w/Rhet II

Fine Arts/Foreign Language

Band, Chorus, Spanish I or II, Art I or II, Music Theory

Career and Technical Education

Accounting I, Ag Science, Basic Auto Maintenance (½), BSAA, Child Development (½), Consumer Education (½), Drafting I or II, (½), Foods I or II (½), Introduction to Agriculture, Introduction to Welding (½), Orientation to Health Occupations (½), Programming and Coding I or II (½), Small Engine Repair (½), Smart Technology I or II (½), Textiles and Design I or II (½), Woods I or II (½)

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