PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

Freshman Grade Level Expectations

By the end of 9th grade, a PTHS freshman will be able to show proficiency in the ability to:

Adaptive Learners : ●

Gather information and use it to make claims. ● Read, comprehend, and make inferences from texts. ● Analyze and interpret information. ● Practice various assessment strategies. ● Use models and tools to solve problems.

Global Thinkers : ●

Write a five paragraph theme, using 8-11 sentences per paragraph. ● Complete a task collaboratively. ● Communicate a concept through written, visual, and verbal means. ● Identify connections between various disciplines. ● Identify academic strengths and areas for improvement.

Responsible Citizens : ●

Be aware of opportunities available to become engaged in the school community. ● Show awareness of their social and emotional learning.

Freshman Required Courses of Study




English Essentials, English I, Rhet I


General Science, Biology


Concepts in Algebra, Algebra, Geometry

Social Studies

Global Studies

Physical Education

Driver Education, Activities or Weights, or Band PE Waiver

Freshman Electives



Social Studies

Illinois Studies (½), World Geography (½)

Fine Arts/Foreign Language

Art I, Band, Chorus, Spanish I

Career and Technical Education

Introduction to Business and Technology (½), Family and Career Relationships (½), Foods I (½), Introduction to Agriculture, Introduction to Industrial Technology, Orientation to Health Occupations (½), Textiles and Design (½)

Physical Education


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