PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

4. A student excluded because of head lice or bed bugs will be permitted to return to school only when the parent or guardian brings the student to school to be checked by the school nurse or building principal and the child is determined to be free of the bed bugs, and/or head lice. Infested children are prohibited from riding the bus to school to be checked for head lice or bed bugs. THEFT REPORTS/STOLEN ITEMS Unfortunately, thefts do occur; therefore, students are encouraged not to bring valuable items or large sums of money to school. Any time an item is stolen, a student is to report the incident to their teacher. The teacher will then send the student to the office to fill out a theft form and have a conference with an administrator. A report of the incident will be filed with the administrator, and students are encouraged to report the incident to the local law enforcement agency. Students are responsible for properly locking their hall and P.E. lockers, as well as keeping the combination to the locks of those lockers confidential. WORK PERMITS Work permits will be issued in accordance with the Illinois Child Labor Law in the high school office. The following information is needed to for those under the age of 15 to apply for a work permit: 1. A statement from the employer on official stationary stating the intent to employ, the type of work, and the hours of employment. 2. A physician’s statement stating the student is in good health. 3. Parent accompanies the student when they apply for the permit and supplies a written statement, for the record, giving their permission for the student to work. 4. Documentation of age, which can be (in descending order of preference): 1. Birth Certificate or transcript thereof; signed statement of recorded date of birth by County Clerk or vital statistics registrar; or a hospital record that was sent to the parents. 2. A Baptismal Certificate or transcript thereof. 3. Other documentary evidence, such as a Bible record; a certificate of confirmation or other church ceremony that is at least 1 year old; passport, immigration paper, or insurance policy, as long as it was issued at least 1 year prior to its submission. 4. Last acceptable proof: a school record or school census record of age, along with a certificate signed by a physician stating that he/she has examined the student and is of the opinion that said student is of the stated age. 5. A copy of your Social Security card.

NOTE: Permits must be renewed every school year.

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