PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

Prescription medication found in a student’s locker or on the student’s person will be considered in violation of the school’s regulations concerning drugs and will be confiscated, excluding inhalers and Epi-Pens.

Over the counter medications (OTC) will be distributed only through the Student Health Center with parental consent.

Students will be responsible at the end of the treatment regime for removing any unused medication from the school. If the medication is not picked up by the end of the school year, it will be disposed of and documented that the medications were discarded. Medications will be discarded in the presence of a witness. IMMUNIZATION, HEALTH, EYE, AND DENTAL EXAMINATIONS Required Health Examinations and Immunizations All students are required to present appropriate proof of a health examination and the immunizations against, and screenings for, preventable communicable diseases within one year prior to: 1. Entering in ninth grade (physical, dental, and up to date immunizations) 2. Entering into 12 th grade (proof of meningitis vaccine) 3. Enrolling in an Illinois school for the first time, regardless of the student’s grade (physical, and up to date immunizations). Failure to comply with the above requirements at the time of registration will result in the student’s exclusion from school until the required health forms and/or immunizations are presented to the school, subject to certain exceptions. EYE EXAMINATION All students entering an Illinois school for the first time must present proof by October 15 of the current school year of an eye examination performed within one year. Failure to present proof by October 15, allows the school to hold the student’s report card until the student presents: (1) proof of a completed eye examination, or (2) that an eye examination will take place within 60 days after October 15. EXEMPTIONS A student will be exempted from the above requirements for: 1. Medical grounds if the student’s parent/guardian and primary care physician present to the building principal a signed statement explaining the objection; 2. Religious grounds if the student’s parent/guardian presents to the building principal a completed Certificate of Religious Exemption; this document must be signed by the student’s primary care provider 3. Health examination or immunization requirements on medical grounds if a physician provides written verification; 4. Eye examination requirement if the student’s parent/guardian shows an undue burden or lack or access to a physician licensed to practice medicine in all of its branches who provides eye examinations or a licensed optometrist; 5. Dental examination requirement if the student’s parent/guardian shows an undue burden or a lack of access to a dentist.

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