PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

All students may use the Student Health Center provided they have written consent from parents or guardians. First Aid or emergency care can be provided to students without parental or guardian consent.

It is extremely important that parents of students with health problems apprise the staff at the Student Health Center of their condition and of any medications they are taking. Appropriate PTHS staff/faculty will also be informed of a student’s condition, which could lead to a possible classroom emergency. Students are allowed to use the Student Health Center before and after school, during study hall, or during lunch hour and appointments can be scheduled. Students should obtain a pass from their teacher and the Student Health Center will sign the pass for the student to return to class when their visit is completed. In an emergency situation, students can proceed directly to the Student Health Center and the office will be notified. Medication : All medications are to be kept locked at the Student Health Center and will be dispensed by the Nurse Practitioner or an R.N. Those students with prescribed inhalers or Epi-Pens are strongly encouraged to keep those medications with them. The purpose of administering medications in school is to help each child maintain an optimal state of health that may enhance his/her educational plan. The medications distributed shall be those required during school hours for students with acute or chronic illnesses or disabilities. ALL student medication must be accompanied by a Student Health Center signed consent form. Failure to present all of the appropriate paperwork will result in no medication being distributed to the student until the proper paperwork is received. ALL medication must be brought to school in the original package or an appropriately labeled container, displaying the following: ● Student’s name ● Prescription number ● Medication Name/Dosage ● Administration route and/or other directions ● Date and refill ● Licensed prescriber’s name ● Pharmacy name, address, and phone number ● Name or initials of pharmacist All services are confidential. The guidelines outlined below are to help reduce the number of medications given in school, yet ensure safe administration of medications for those students who require them. Administration of all student medications will be handled through the Student Health Center Office.

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