PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

8. Students who have a compromised immune system, live with an individual with a compromised immune system, or have a medical condition that may impact their ability to attend school during a pandemic or other public health emergency should contact school officials. 9. During a pandemic or other health emergency, teachers and school staff will receive additional training on health and safety measures. 10. In accordance with school district or state mandates, the school may need to conduct a daily health assessment of your child. Parents and students will be notified of the exact assessment procedures if this becomes necessary. 11. Parents should not send their child to school if their child exhibits any symptoms consistent with the pandemic or other health emergency. 12. Please do not hesitate to contact school or district officials if you have any concerns regarding your child’s education, health or safety. ASSISTANCE IN SCHOOL The following indicates the most frequent problems encountered by students and the place where help is obtained.


Healthcare Information




Class Schedules

Scholarship/Financial Aid

College/Career Information Graduation Requirements Personal/Class Concerns

Summer School

Transcript Requests Transfer/Withdrawal Review of Credits

Locker Combinations


Breakfast/Lunch waiver

Account Deposits



Tardiness Truancy

Change of Address/Phone #

Locker Problems Lost and Found



ENTERING THE BUILDING All students must enter through the Commons doors. Doors will be opened at 7:30 am every morning.

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