PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

Mr. Dan Kridner, Maintenance Mrs. Beth Kuerth, CTE Mr. Kevin Kuerth, Building Trades

Mrs. Jodi Lancaster, CTE Mrs. Diane Lee, Cafeteria Ms. Maddie Lee, Student & Career Coordinator Mrs. Jerri Lucas, Paraprofessional

Mr. Michael Lucas, Physical Education Mrs. Dee Mallory, Paraprofessional

Mr. Doug Masching, CTE Ms. Josie Maul, English Mr. Thomas McElwee, English Ms. Lisa Meyer, Guidance Dept. Chair Mrs. Stephanie Nelson, CTE Mr. Nate Nollen, Science Dept. Chair Ms. Breanna Noordhof, Paraprofessional Mr. Steve Randall, Custodian Mrs. Connie Rebholz, Administrative Assistant Mrs. Amy Richardson, CTE Mr. Paul Ritter, Science Ms. Daria Robinson, District Office Administrative Assistant Mr. Scott Rowan, CTE Mrs. Pam Sawyer, Paraprofessional Mr. Scot Schickel, Fine Arts and Foreign Language Dept. Chair Mrs. April Schneeman, Special Education Mrs. Kim Schulz, LACC Administrative Assistant Mrs. Beth Shelton, Paraprofessional Mr. Chad Shepherd, Mathematics Dept. Chair Ms. Stephanie Smithson, Physical Education Dept. Chair Mr. Mike Soares, English Mr. Kenny Stamm, Custodian Mr. Nathan Stein, Social Studies Mrs. Angela Thomas, School Psychologist/Special Education Dept. Chair

Mr. John Tibbs, Facilities Director Ms. Allison Tjelle, Special Education Mrs. Susan Verdun, Administrative Assistant Mrs. Laura Vogel, EFE/LACC Special Projects Coordinator Mr. Nick Vogt, Fine Arts and Foreign Language Mr. Ryan Woith, CTE Dept. Chair Mr. Eric Zega, Mathematics

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