PTHS Student Handbook 2022-2023

CODE OF ETHICS FOR STUDENTS Acceptance - I will accept people for their merits, regardless of race, sexual orientation, religion, and nationality. Integrity - I will be honest and fair in my dealings with other people. I will set high moral standards for myself and will not let the crowd control my actions. Respect - I will hold the advice and opinions of my elders, especially my parents, in high regard. I will be courteous, always respecting the rights of others. Responsibility - I will fulfill my responsibilities and obligations to my parents, school, and community. I will be responsible for my actions at all times. Friendliness - I will maintain a friendly attitude toward everyone and will discourage cliques. Sportsmanship - I will treat all players and fans of opposing teams as guests, show self-control at all times, and accept the decisions of the officials as final. I will be modest in victory and gracious in defeat. Appearance - I will maintain high standards in my grooming and appearance, realizing that the way I dress influences the way I feel and act.

Board of Education Mr. Dale Schrock, President Mr. Nick Sartoris, Vice President Mrs. Teresa Diemer Mr. Jake Heller Mr. Don Lambert Mr. Bill Masching Mrs. Ashley Ralph Mrs. Kelly Carter, Secretary

Statement from the PTHS board of education: The School Board has reviewed and approved the policies in this handbook.

Administration Mr. Jon Kilgore, Superintendent Mr. Eric Bohm, Principal Mr. Ryan Bustle, Asst. Principal Mrs. Tera Graves, LACC Director

Faculty and Staff Ms. Jennifer Babb, English Ms. Laura Baumgardner, Special Education Mrs. Judy Baxter, Cafeteria Mr. Brian Blair, English Dept. Chair, Asst. Athletic Director Mr. Jack Bristow, LACC Dept. Chair Mr. Gary Brunner, Physical Education, Athletic Director Mrs. Kristina Brunner, Special Education

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