PTHS Curriculum Guide 2024-2025

DUAL CREDIT COURSES Pontiac Township High School is proud to offer dual credit courses with both Heartland Community College and Parkland College. If students are interested in participating in the dual credit courses they need to prepare for this experience almost a year in advance. Students are required to meet placement test scores and prerequisites. Students can obtain appropriate score placement based on official ACT, SAT, or ACCUPLACER scores. If students need to take or retake placement tests, this process needs to be completed before set deadlines. Students are required to purchase their own textbooks for dual credit courses and cover any additional course/lab fees that may be associated with individual courses. At this time, there are no tuition fees for dual credit courses. Dual credit is a wonderful opportunity for students. Dual credit students are beginning their official college transcript. Grades earned in Dual Credit classes will be part of the students’ record throughout his/her college career. There may be financial aid and/or academic implications that students need to research before enrolling in dual credit courses. Not all colleges award college credit for all dual credit courses. It is the students’/parents’ responsibility to research this information with various colleges through the admissions departments. FOREIGN EXCHANGE PROGRAM Students who elect to spend one or more semesters as a foreign exchange student will be awarded credit for courses taken while in attendance at foreign schools during the exchange program with the following procedure: 1. Credit will be awarded for courses which meet the equivalent time requirements of courses at PTHS (1/2 credit for semester courses meeting for 18 weeks, 5 days per week, for 45 minutes per day). Any variation from the equivalent time requirement will be reviewed by administrative and guidance personnel and credit (if any) may be awarded on the basis of any additional documentation received from the foreign school. 2. The student transcript will reflect any credit earned at a foreign school but will not reflect a letter grade. 3. The student Grade Point Average and Class Rank will be based on work completed at Pontiac Township High School. 4. All PTHS course (subject) requirements must be successfully completed by the student in order to be eligible for graduation. The student pursuing a foreign exchange program must meet with his/her counselor, in advance, to plan his/her coursework relative to meeting the above requirements. 5. The final student transcript will reflect the above information contained in sections one through four of this policy.


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