PTHS Curriculum Guide 2024-2025

career exploration and reinforcement of academic concepts. It will be offered 2024-2025, 2026-2027, 2028-2029, etc.

SUPERVISED AGRICULTURAL EXPERIENCE I (016, 017) Class Level: 9, 10 Credit: 1/2 Prerequisite: Intro to Agriculture or Consent of Instructor

This experience program is for students in the 9 th and10 th grades. Students receiving career and technical credit in this area must be enrolled in an approved agricultural program sequence. Individual students will have a minimum of one approved project or acceptable plans for a project. Supervised study, project record book-work, training plans and agreements, report writing, and instructor project visitation and supervision are essentials of the supervised agricultural experience.


INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS & TECHNOLOGY (076, 077) Class Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Credit: 1 Prerequisite: None

This course is designed to introduce students to different areas of business and technology. The curriculum will allow the students to explore different career opportunities in Business and Technology. Topics may include the following: Accounting, Marketing, Computer Applications, Letter Formatting, Computer Programming, Web Design, Robotics, Pi, Drone Mapping, and Control Boards.

ACCOUNTING I (070, 071) Class Level: 10, 11, 12 Credit: 1 Prerequisite: None

This course provides the student with the necessary skills and techniques to perform double-entry accounting tasks commonly found in a sole proprietorship and partnership business. Directed practice through problems and a manual and automated simulation allows the student to maintain a set of books covering the entire accounting cycle from analyzing, journalizing, posting to general and subsidiary ledgers, adjusting and closing entries at the end of a fiscal period, and preparing financial statements.


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