PTHS Curriculum Guide 2024-2025


UNITED STATES HISTORY (700, 701) Class Level: 11 Credit: 1 Prerequisite: None

This is a survey course of US History from its European background to the present. The first semester reviews the colonial, early national, and Civil War periods. Attention is given during the second semester to the nation’s emergence as a world power, early twentieth century developments, and events up to the present. It is designed to give an understanding of our political, social, and economic institutions.

UNITED STATES HISTORY (AP) (716, 717) Class Level: 11 (10 – Rhet II Students) Credit: 1 Prerequisite: Department Placement

The objective of this course is to increase the student’s understanding of United States history from discovery to the present with the goal of having each student pass the AP examination. The course is divided into nine units of study arranged chronologically corresponding to major periods in American history. The areas of concentration include historical, political, and economic history coupled with an intense study of cultural and intellectual institutions and their development. This course is taught at the college level and revolves around student-initiated research and discussion.

ILLINOIS STUDIES (718) Class Level: 9, 10, 11, 12 Credit: 1/2 Prerequisite: Juniors and Seniors will only be admitted with instructor approval.

Illinois Studies is a semester-long course that examines the cultural, geographic, civic, and historical characteristics of the state of Illinois. Units of study are designed using a thematic approach, and will cover native tribes of Illinois, Illinois during the Civil War, the Progressive Era, the Great Migration, and Civil Rights in Illinois.

GLOBAL STUDIES (724, 725) Class Level: 9 Credit: 1 Prerequisite: All students above 9th grade must have instructor approval.

This course is a one-year requirement for all freshmen with a focus on global issues and topics taught in a thematic approach. This curriculum will focus on student's personal social development, to produce students who can envision a future that is productive, achievable, and stimulating.


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