PTHS Curriculum Guide 2024-2025

COMPOSITION II (121) Writing Intensive Course Class Level: 12 Credit: 1/2 Prerequisite: English III or Rhet II

This course reinforces and advances the writing skills developed in English III. The course includes an analysis of the principles of persuasion and argumentation as well as an application of these principles. The process of refutation is also examined. Emphasis is placed on the importance of logic in the clear and accurate expression of ideas.

ENGLISH (AP) (112, 113) Writing Intensive Course Class Level: 12 Credit: 1

Prerequisite: Rhet III (H) or has submitted portfolio work that has been approved by the Honors Instructors AP English is the final course in the honors sequence. Students will analyze poetry, drama, novels, and short stories. Emphasis will be placed on writing analytical compositions about literature studied in class as well as literature unfamiliar to students. A research paper will also be required. Students will have completed the necessary preparations to take the Advanced Placement exam offered in May.

ENGLISH LITERATURE (126) Class Level: 12 Credit: 1/2 Prerequisite: English III

A historical survey of the major periods of English literature emphasizes the Old and Middle English Periods, the Elizabethan Period, the Romantic Period, the Victorian Period, the Early Modern, and Contemporary Periods. The course is designed to show the relationship of a national literature to the nation's history. CONTEMPORARY LITERATURE (125) Class Level: 12 Credit: 1/2 Prerequisite: English III This is an intensive course dealing with modern literature as a reflection of the twentieth century. Works and studies vary from semester to semester in order to include recent available fiction and non-fiction.

INTRODUCTION TO SPEECH (140) Class Level: 11, 12 Credit: 1/2 Prerequisite: English II

This speech course studies the process of communication. Students will demonstrate an understanding and application of techniques used in formal public speaking including speech preparation, research methods, verbal communication, and nonverbal communication. Students will prepare and deliver a variety of speeches, presentations, and projects to inform, persuade, and entertain. 18

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