PTHS Curriculum Guide 2024-2025

Senior Grade-Level Expectations

By the conclusion of the high school curriculum, a graduate will be able to show proficiency in the ability to:

Adaptive Learners : ● Read, analyze, and comprehend sophisticated texts.

● Design, evaluate, and revise a model using appropriate tools to solve a problem. ● Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of verbal and written communication. ● Critique and analyze information from multiple sources and perspectives. Global Thinkers : ● Write with supporting evidence and a clear and distinct perspective for a variety of contexts and tasks. ● Create a project, analyze its data, and report results/solutions. ● Describe and illustrate how common themes are found across various disciplines. Responsible Citizens : ● Actively seek opportunities to be civically engaged. ● Show advanced recognition of social and emotional learning. (academic/career plans and goals and social/emotional behaviors). ● Work cooperatively with others to plan, implement, and evaluate a project that addresses an identified need in the broader community.


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