PTHS Curriculum Guide 2024-2025

Junior Grade-Level Expectations

By the end of 11th grade, a PTHS junior will be able to show proficiency in the ability to:

Adaptive Learners : ● Read, interpret, and comprehend difficult texts. ● Develop critical listening, aural, and visual skills. ● Construct and use explanations and models to design and evaluate solutions. ● Demonstrate effective testing skills. Global Thinkers : ● Research and make claims about a variety of issues in a fully developed paper of approximately 3-4 pages. ● Communicate effectively through technical documents, verbal explanations, and peer collaborations. ● Apply concepts in other contexts across various disciplines. ● Collect, analyze, interpret, and defend data from multiple sources and perspectives. ● Create a project, analyze its data, and report results/solutions. Responsible Citizens : ● Engage in events and curriculum in the school and community. ● Take proactive steps to support your own and your peers’ social and emotional learning. ● Demonstrate dependability and accountability. ● Understand the importance of appearance - dress and act appropriately independently. ● Revise a post-secondary goal with action steps, timeframes, and criteria for evaluating achievement.


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