Board Report March 2023

Career and Technical Education Fees Accounting I

$40 $20 $18

Accounting II

All Agriculture Classes Automotive Technician I

$10 plus safety glasses

Child Care


Computer Science Consumer Education


$5 $5 $5 $5

Drafting I Drafting II

Family and Career Relationships

Foods I Foods II

$30 $30

Introduction to Industrial Technology

$10/Sem. plus safety glasses

Introduction to Welding Marketing and Management

$15 plus safety glasses

$10 $10

Orientation to Health Occupations



Small Engine Repair Textiles and Design I Textiles and Design II

$10 plus safety glasses

$5 $5

Woods I Woods II

$20 plus safety glasses $20 plus safety glasses

Repair Fees Textbook Rebind & Textbook Repair

Assessed according to extent of damage

We are committed to our development as adaptive learners, global thinkers, and responsible citizens through collaboration across our school community.

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