2020-2021 Back to School Plan

Last updated on August 5, 2020. This plan will be reviewed and updated as needed.

Pontiac Township High School District #90 Back to School Plan 2020-21

District 90 representatives began meeting in May to explore options for returning to school in August. Barring circumstances outside our control, staff will return August 13. Freshmen will attend August 17. Alternating days of attendance (in-person and remote hybrid learning) will begin Aug. 18. These details are provided in this document. Please note that some special needs program students might have individualized scheduling to align with their existing individualized education plan. To determine our return to school plan, we started with the following beliefs and realities: ● We believe the best educational experience for learning takes place in person ● We recognize a safe learning environment is crucial to the overall experience ● Parent, student and staff feedback must be considered ● We set aside politics ● We also have a responsibility to meet guidance from IDPH, ISBE, and CDC ● Finally, planning is impacted by the physical confines of our facilities and available staffing. Surveys were sent to families and students in July to collect feedback. Results showed 432 families completed the survey, representing about 508 students, or 72%, of the district population. Individual parent and student responses totaled over 762 submissions. We appreciate your participation and meaningful feedback! Nearly 77% of parent and student respondents indicated they plan a return to PTHS with 21% indicating they were uncertain and only 2% not expecting to return (this could be unrelated to pandemic concerns). Results showed that 52% of families preferred to have their students attend school in-person everyday; 40% indicated that they would prefer a combination of in-person and remote learning; and 8% of families preferred their student(s) receive instruction strictly through remote learning. Based on the combined feedback, beliefs, realities IDPH/ISBE/CDC guidance and requirements, we planned accordingly. We recognize it is not perfect and that we are living in an environment of constant change and uncertainty. Therefore, changing conditions will likely lead to adaptations.

We are committed to our development as adaptive learners, global thinkers, and responsible citizens through collaboration across our school community.

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